white women today

Hey, did you know poor white women are the only demographic group to decrease in life expectancy in the last century?

Hey, did you know the American 1% now possesses 20% of U.S. wealth, bringing us back to 1927 level disparities. That can’t be good for our future.

Has Sheryl Sandberg said anything about that?

The 1% of [primarily white] women can keep getting richer and more powerful by leaning in, but what about everyone else?

As a white woman with enough education and resources to lean in all day long if I try, I might not be the best to ring the warning bell. But #solidarityisforwhite(wealthy)women is pounding in my ears anyways, so I’ll ring away.

Then I’ll ask: So if poor white women are decreasing in life expectancy because you need to go to college to get a good job that supports your health, what are our hopes for improving education for all the non-white-rich people in a country where our major cities are failing to open adequate schools (Philadelphia this means you) and where college costs are skyrocketing like never before? Where 1/5 of the money belongs to 1%?

Who can and will lean in on that one?


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