This video…

First and foremost, watch this! (And thank you to the dear friend who shared this with me!)


Now… Articles, articles, articles! I labeled them for both you and myself to keep track of what’s what. Click away


1. Women don’t make as much money as men:


Speaking of this picture, a recent post on Facebook from my school said this:

Pay discrepancy between genders has been a hot topic in the news. Check out this illustration. Watch for our November Webinar on negotiating your salary. What are your thoughts on this issue?

I ask: Did the person writing this not notice the fact that it’s not just between women and men, but also between ethnicities? And that perhaps it might be about a bit more than “negotiating your salary”

On a similar note: Forbes magazine discusses huge pay gap between A list male and female actors, while completely ignoring the fact that all the women listed are white. 


2. Women being victimized sucks on a larger scale than just my “sneak attacks” (see post below)


3. A pretty intensively negative look at birth control, but there are some good points in there I think. Here’s the book:


4. And on a happy note, women are awesome!


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