white girl teaches

Hey class! I’m 5’10, light skinned, with strawberry blond hair! I speak English and live in America. 

Now, what am I going to teach you about American English culture (as your deemed American English ambassador)? Here a few of my goals: 

– Not everyone in America speaks English:


-And not everyone is white, despite my singular representation


read more: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2013/08/strangely-beautiful-map-race-america/6534/

And beyond my efforts to prove the diversity I don’t represent, I will also:

– Try my very hardest not to pull any TFA crap (aka “I am your Ivy educated English speaking savior who is here to change your life). Nah, I’m just an Ivy educated English speaking person who got a chance to learn about your country and exchange information about my own. (But let’s be honest: am I strengthening my privilege? Yes. So I’ll try to share as much as possible as a teacher here and in the states.)

-Politely but firmly say “no” when you ask if I have boyfriend (because you probably will given my experience). BUT, just because your teacher happens to be a single woman , it doesn’t mean she wants to date you. (No links necessary, it’s just a fact that I think we should all understand if we’re going to work towards a humanity that doesn’t sexualize women just trying to do their jobs). 

-Find ways that we can share interest and build community togetherImage



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