women love

I love women. I am a man lover, but I love women. I fall in love with women over and over again. They never cease to impress me and to inspire me. Women prove true my dreams of empathy, companionship, intimacy, and support. Here are just a few of the women I have fallen head over heals in love with:

– My current Colombian roommate. She cares, she really really cares. From her I’ve learned more about communal living in three weeks than I have in my four years living with females at college. Maybe we can’t share every juicy secret (thanks to my limited Spanish), but she constantly share food, plans, and laughs. In these past three weeks I feel like I have found a real home in my friendship with this woman.

– My therapist from last fall. What a woman! I walked into her room with a whole lot of stress and self-doubt and she taught me to love myself. She taught me that it is okay to say no. She taught me to feel pain and to stand up against its sources. She taught me empathy. When I was able to move her to tears but just telling her a minor success in my teaching career, I saw a woman I want to emulate. If I can love people like that, then I’ll be doing some good for the female community.

– My grandmother. She’s a no-excuses kind of lady. She had four children THEN went to college (without more than a cent to her name). She worked, she worked, she worked, and at 75 she’s still working. She never made a lot of money as a teacher, but she made a whole lot of love for her community and family that carries her through her busy life. Oh and she also constantly reads, exercises, and works to improve herself. My kind of 75 year old.

-My student. (No inappropriate student-teacher relationship references please). In all seriousness, I fell deeply in love with what this student embodied as a female. Her sense of leadership in her family; her realization at the age of 17 that yes, she needs to learn to read so that she can create a better future for herself (despite a very rough educational history); her love for her work as a young teacher in a community center; her mountain of community service projects (despite her D average in school). All of her strengths and weaknesses, when wrapped together, produce an anomaly in what we often see as the “good girl”. She is good, she is so, so good. But she struggles, she fights (literally, in fist fights), she gives up… but with a heart as strong as hers, she always keeps going again.

-My dear friend who inspired me to write this blog. I think her belief in my represents all that I love about women as sources of support and passion. As we have been sharing articles and discussing our own “modern day loves” (or lack there of in the dating scenes we experience),  we have been able to talk, analyze and connect. From this foundation of solidarity (a reference not meant to step on the toes of #solidarityisforwhitewomen), she urged me to share my thoughts (our thoughts) in a more public forum. So what if no one reads this… at least I’m thinking and learning and developing into the woman I want to be. And what kind of person doesn’t love that?

And to conclude, just one final thought on just a few (of the many many women) who inspire and impress me. They are strong. They are person strong. Their strength is not female. It is human. They love. They love people. They are equal to any renowned man or woman whose human spirit leads them goodness.

Guess that means I’ll also need to be writing a post about the goodness in men. I’ve got to break out of my women love view if I want to achieve the sex-equality that I would love to see.

Also, pretty huge shout out to these ladies: http://swampland.time.com/2013/08/23/the-sisters-of-civil-rights-get-their-due/


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