The story you never wanted to hear: Part 2

Okay, I was a little angry last night. And I do feel terrible about sexualization and molestation and attempted rape Michaela had to endure.  Of course t’s a horrifying experience and no woman should ever have to experience any of it. I couldn’t call myself a feminist and say otherwise. 

When I wrote yesterday, I might also have been very influenced by the recent #solidarityisforwhitewoman movement flooding Twitter. As a white woman, I am sensitive to perpetuating the victimized white woman image as the primary image of feminism, or as the primary suffering of women. Moreover, I think it is important to consider the types of sexualization that Indian women, indeed women every where, likely face, but who don’t have the power of CNN to voice their stories. 

Let us not forget the different powers we possess while we divulge our weaknesses, our challenges, and the crosses we all bare. 


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