Let’s talk it out?

I love this article:  http://thefeministwire.com/2013/08/blackpowerisforblackmen/

The article picks apart the male black voice either smothering the black woman voice, or allowing it to stand alone (in the case of the single black mother issue addressed). Though not a black person of either gender, I am a woman, and as a woman I am in awe of the attentive responses made by these men.

I did not find the culture in which I was raised to be very supportive of such openness and empathy from men. The soon-to-be released documentary “The Masks You Live In” may speak volumes to this issue. From watching just the tailer I felt validated in the feelings I have long experienced as a woman trying to figure out how to get along with men who won’t share their feelings and won’t openly commit to even a friendship with me (less they be seen as weak or taken or “with me”). 

Men confuse the hell out of me. I always end up wishing they would care more.  When I need to channel strength, compassion, love into my life, I always, always, always turn to the women in my life for inspiration and support. And it worries me. Why do I feel so alienated from men? 

Perhaps it is because I have grown up in such a completely different set of values, behaviors, and experiences.  In my life I have learned to take care of siblings, to practice nonjudgemental love with my friends, and to pursue a career founded in love for young people.  The environments in which I have found female strength in this journey are endless, and worthy of a separate post.

But what I will say in this post is that I wish there were more men like this: black, white, brown and everything in between. Men and women talking it out…  but then again, is that me pushing my life experience as a female emotional sharer on men who are raised to hide feelings and push stoic images of themselves out into the world? 


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