The story YOU never wanted to hear

A note to Michaela Cross: “The story YOU never wanted to hear”.

I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for you, Michaela Cross.  Because the story you never wanted to hear is this: you are an educated, white woman. Whether a man gropes you or not, you still hold within your privileged white hands more power than he can ever hold over your body.

You were sexualized because your body represents all of the power that now penetrates and grasps the entire world. When you were in India, did you happen to see any billboards of light skinned, straight haired, tall thin models selling every imaginable Western product? Did you notice the body types of the manikins in any clothing stores? Did you see women in western dress trying to mimic your American style? Did you see any porn? What did the porn stars look like?

Did you consider that men were going crazy over you because you represent everything YOUR culture has taught them to be desirable?

If you are angry at anyone, be angry at the United States. Be angry at imperialism. Be angry at inequality and injustice. And perhaps consider being angry at yourself for entering a country and taking your white woman privilege for granted.

P.S. I’ve spent two years in developing countries and the only place I’ve ever been masturbated at is in a Chicago subway.

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